The basis of Future Without Cancer In Our Hand Project which we started as Lisinia Nature invigorated after Lisinia Project Coordinator Ozturk Sarica lost his two grandfathers, his father and many friends because of cancer and his mother got cancer, his education related to toxicology and environment, and his diagnosis about quick deterioration of nature.

Within the project, firstly the reasons of cancer were researched, the reason of increasing today were designated. As a result of research it is presented that effect of hazardous chemicals in production and consumption, nuclear test and nuclear bombs, carcinogenic chemicals in the nature of world (arsenic, asbestos, radon gas…), pollution of mines, air pollution (nuclear explosion, sulphur dioxide…), carcinogenic chemicals in soil and water, carcinogenic microorganisms, gene changed foods, ingredients of food producing and keeping, some insect powders and stress as the most important one are carcinogenic reasons.

One of the main actions of Future Without Cancer In Our Hand project is to reduce possible risks by living as conscious and “raised-awareness about cancer”. At the same time it is an inevidable truth, which should be accepted as people living today, that all individuals are a potential cancer patient in the future. Within this scope, with the project until today;

  • “Cancer House” and Cancer Pyramids have been built in the Lisinia Nature area which has a quality of being first for our country. The work in which effects of carcinogenic chemicals and cancer on people are displayed by using viusals, have been interested by center visitors.
  • Under the title of “Hzardous Chemicals and Effects to Cancer” center visitors have been given educations supprted with visuals in cancer house and pyramids, and precautions have given that they use in casual life.
  • Project has been introducing and performing awareness educations by going high school, elementary schools and universities.
  • In all cultivated areas within the center, drugless and organic agriculture has been actualizing, seeds, which have been belong to Burdur region for ages, have been using. Natural feding system have been encouraging by showing visitors around and especially telling damages of foods, which were produced by using gene changed microorganims.
  • Applied introduction of homoeopathy and phytoteraphy methods, which are one of the most importatn elements in treatment method with vegetable support, has been made by Ozturk Sarica.
  • Works of increasing effect of the project have been performing with the coorporation of national and international non-governmental organizations which work against cancer.