Lisinia Nature set forth with the aim of raising next generations around region, country and after the world as respectful individual to nature by setting an example with the model. In order to reach this aim, there is needed “people who care about what they do for the world”.

Our aim the the project of Volunteer Nature Protector which is parallel with voluntariness concept is to raise volunteers came from different places of our country and world as a nature protector within the project that we created as Lisinia Nature.

Individuals came to center within the project for this purpose;

–          In order to be educator within Lisinia Nature School they involve in “teacher education” program. After they train in schools and centers within the program around region.

–          They attend organic agricultural practices made in the center

–          They take place in works of protecting wild life by being involved practices performed within Wild Life Rehabilitation Center

–          They support visitors within Cancer House and cancer pyramids took place in center

–          They wupport works by walking around villages in Burdur Lake Basin with Lisinia equip

–          They support to introduce all project took place in center in especially online channels

At the end of all these works, it is aimed to increase the effect of project by volunteers, who has a “Volunteer Nature Protector” certificate, inciting similar works in their own locals.