Until today, as a result of works performed by volunteers from different profession fields and especially intern veterinarian students, who came to the center, under the coordinatorship of Veterinarian Doctor Ozturk Sarica wild animals, which were especially shot by hunters, poisend because of chemicals and has various diseases, around Burdur Lake Basin have been taken into treatment program and leave them again into the nature.

Both concrete steps were taken on behalf of protecting wild life population of the region and awareness was created by providing the observation during treatment process of wild animals by thousands of visitors came to the center. At the same time farmers were told that using wrong insecticide herbicide rat poison (rodenticide) causes hazardous effect to environment and ecology, and pollution in waters and lakes.

Until today; Pelican(1), Glossy Ibis (2), Coot(5), Mallard(2), Ruddy Shelduck(27), Goshawk(4), Short-toed Eagle(3), Syringa(47), Flamingo(3), Kestrel(24), Black Vulture(1), Griffon Vulture(1), Owlet(14), Owl(6), Long-eared Owl(6), Barn Owl(6), Stone Curlew(2), Pig (2), Cirus Ciyaneus(1), Peregrine(8), Sparrow Hawk(12), Pheasant(1), Dove(6), Turtle(9), Grey Heron(2), Cattle Egret (4), Squacco Heron(6), Egretta Garzetta(1), Pigeon(2), Turtledove(2), Marsh Hawk(1), Crested Lark(2), Sparrow(2), Caprimulgus(3), Swallow(3), Common Swift(1), Partridge(26), Imperial Eagle(1), falco Subbuteo(12), Jackal(1), Seagull(2), Buzzard(320) have brought to our Rehabilitation Center.

394 of 543 animals brought to the center have treated and left into the nature again. Still treatment and rehabilitation of 40 wild animals have been maintaining in the center.