(Production with zero-chemical)

Lisinia Nature is insipired from qualified agricultural practices which made without using any drug and chemicals in these soils for centuries since its foundation of the center with Ecological Production / Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices (production with zero chemical) project, took Organic Agricultural Certification actions as a consequence of today, had gain a right to take ecological production certificate from IMO certification organization at the end of 3th year. Practices which made until today are like below.

            Any agricultural activity has not made for 2 years since the center was established and al fields are rested.

–          In the following 2 years, dallow practices were made.

–          In the 5th year in total 10 thousands fruit trees were planted in 85 decare area and drip irrigation mathod was initiated. (products were given to all visitors came to the center)

–          In the same year romato growing was made in 90 decare area. In total 200 ton production was collected, from this production 8 ton sauce and 2 ton dried tomato were produced and the rest of harvest was shared with all center visitors.

–          At the same year 150 pepino seedlings were planted, acquired 100 kg production was shared with center visitors.

–          At the same year watermelon and melon planting were made from indigenious old seeds, 180 kg melon/watermelon molasses was made from these, and the rest was shared with center visitors.

–          From fruits producted in 6th and 7th year, 170 kg dried fruit, 340 liter peach composte, 5 kg pepino molasses, 2 kg dib roman, 45 liter black mullberry water, 15 kg pear marmalade, 15 kg quince molasses were made. All products were shared with colunteers and center visitors.

–          From local seeds in 6th and 7th year, production of pepper, tomato and black aubergine were made. From these, 73 kg tomato pepper sauce, 75 kg dried pepper and aubergine were made and shared with center visitors and volunteers.

–          In the 6th and 7th year production of 2 ton 300 kg bean, 400 kg cranberry bean were made. From these, 410 kg conserve were produced and shared with visitors and volunteers.

–          In the 8th year, rose and lavender were planted in all areas.