(Burdur Gölü agonizes because its water decreases; Unless precautions are not taken, people will come across carcinogenic chemicals)

While Burdur Lake, which is a tectonic lake, was a water mass with 200 m depth in ancient ages, today it is a water mass with 8 m depth. The water decreasingly came to our day with more vaporization and less rain as a reasult of climatic changes and heating of terra. Today the lake became unable to be nourishedbecause climatic changes, modern agricultural practices, so-called drinking water, and gave this lake 20-30 years tol ive. We need to think Burdur Lake as a basin. Even the far field’s using water effects the lake seriously.

As Lisinia Nature, we have been performing works in order to provide the right leading of using water globally by creating a model in activities within the center, surrounding villages and region-wide, and introducing this model in region and our country later world with the project “From Lisinia to World; Keep Burdur Lake Alive to Live!” which was began 5 years ago in order to draw attention on gravitation of Burdur Lake and to save the lake by terminating gravitation.

Within the project performing since 2007;

  • Lisinia Nature began to do agriculture with drip irrigation method in all areas (195 decare) used in different projects in project area and dependent to center.
  • It was began to tell the project in order to set an example after set all drip irrigation systems in all areas by walking surrounding villages. As a result of this, people, who are active in agricultural field from surrounding villages, visited the center, they were awared and incited by telling details of applications ins center and savings. At the end of this work 20 % increase has occured in using drip irrigation system in all surrounding villages, so thousands cubic metre of water were saved.
  • In point of being an example, Lisinia Nature has been raising products which will consume little water in all areas used in the project area and will create a sustainable income model for local community. With this pupose; roses were planted with the project to extend the culture of Region of Lakes and its lifetime. In the following of the project, by planting lavender it was both contributed to ecological production (struggles of herb and pernicious bug) and showed a pattern related to this subject because of using the little water.
  • Within the scope of the project “From Lisinia to Turkey and World: Keep Burdur Lake Alive to Live !” incentive studies of goat and sheep farming, which benefited from especially nature during its raising, do not need much water and there were some endemic species, were began.
  • Team of Lisinia Nature has made applied training studies with the contributions of volunteers of Lisinia and Global Environment Organization who came from different regions of world and Turkey. Trainings were give in both childrens’ own school and center. In these trainings families were shown that their irrigation system is wrong which they had been doing for years, they were said that thte future of the lake is their own hand.
  • In order to create a multiplier effect of the model produced within the project, works were made in order to introduce related non-governmental organizations in Europe of the model with international organizations made by GEO (Global Environment Organization) and made this application in different countries. Within this scope, representatives of 14 different non-governmental organizations from 8 different countries of Europe were involved in the activities.
  • During the process social media pages, internet sites and mail groups were actively used, prepared brochures were distributed in schools, villages and Burdur center, and works were made in order to infrom tens of thousands.
  • All activities made within the project have been cyclically maintaining.